The first thought that strikes our mind when we think of security guards is strong persons armed with weapons. However, there is a lot more that that security guards offer other than just protecting terrorism from taking place.

Let’s find out:

What Are Their Roles & Responsibilities?

Security guards offer services on a private level to protect assets, property and people as well, and normally involve civilians. There are many roles that a security guard plays, the most important of them all is protecting a crime from taking place. The presence of these sturdy personnel is good enough to prevent potential crime.

A number of people are looking for Security Guards Hire companies that enables them to protect their assets including property, valuables, offices and more.

The primary responsibilities of these guards involve patrolling places to prevent illegal activities from happening at the most unexpected times.

What Type of Clients Do They Work for?

Normally, security guard agencies offer services to an array of clients that include banks, hospitals, private and corporate events, retail and shopping centres, casinos, construction sites, sports centres, schools and more. You can also go for Security Guards Hire companies that extend their services for houses and offices as well.

The kind of services these guards hire, depend on the location they work. Static guards are usually stationed at a place to monitor the safety of a building or a party entrance. The other category usually patrol places on vehicles to supervise the place.

Irrespective of the nature of the work, the aim of security guards is to protect the people from crime and dangerous activities, serving as an ideal example of limiting theft, robbery, small and big crime.

How Well Are They Trained?

Before starting to work on real projects, all security guards are provided with rigorous training from their respective agencies that help them to quickly control the situation. Security guards from good companies are often trained well on both mental physical skills that help them to respond to critical situation on an immediate basis.

Besides being physical fit, security guards are extremely observant that helps them in detecting the crime scene before it even takes place.

Most generally, the guards that are stationed on the entrances of the premises to examine the visitors while the ones that are on their foot, observe the actions of the people who are inside/outside the premises.

What are the Type of Security Guards?

If you are looking for hiring security guard companies, it is essential to know the kind of security guards there are and the areas they work in.

The first category of security guard work privately for providing security to the corporate companies and their staff members. These guards are engaged to meet emergency situation in an corporate atmosphere. These guards mainly work for schools, offices, banks, hospitals and more.

The second category of security guards are hired to maintain safety of government premises and officials as well. The ones that work for officials are not stationery and assist high end officials wherever they go. Guards that work for premised also look after the safety of the public during events.

You can also hire guards to monitor the security of a private premises through CCTV cameras and at the entrance of the premises. This category also include mobile guards that move around places in and out of the facility to examine the behaviour of visitors and the people at work.

Choosing the right Security Guard Hire company can be a challenging task as involves numerous background checks, history of the company, training level of guards and their license. It is imperative to do a thorough research before getting a good security guard company on board.

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