A thousand people plan their weekends based on popular game and sporting events that happen within their cities, especially to support their favourite team. Besides having a lot of fun at these events, it is also important that you take necessary steps to be safe. Holding a prominent position in the market, Chief Group Services is one of the leading Crowd Control Companies in Sydney that has a list of things that you can follow to stay safe during massive sporting events :

Map out a plan for your outing

Planning your sporting trip is the first step to enjoying your favourite game along with staying safe too. Speak to your friends and form a group of people who would like to come with you to the event, bigger groups attract more safety. A lot of your friends may not be the biggest fans of the event that you want to take them for, larger events can still induce excitement. Follow the second step by looking deeper into the details of the location and the best way to get there. You can also check the popularity of the event by finding out how many people will be attending the event, so that you are prepared when you get there.

Make a list of things you will need

Depending on the location of the event, the time schedule and the number of shop that you can find at the event, make a list of things you may require to have a gala time. This will ensure that you are not under prepared or over prepared, carrying an extensive list of items that you will not need can be very frustrating. For instance: if the sports event you are attending is going to be held in an outdoor area in the day time, make sure you carry a hat, an extra sunscreen lotion, your sunglasses and bottle of water that you refill from the venue.

Brace yourself for unforeseen circumstances

The best way to prepare yourself to be in a stadium full of thousands of people with high spirits is to make sure that you are in control of yourself. However fun it may sound, mis happenings mostly happen to people who act recklessly and irresponsibly under the influence of alcohol. Even if you do plan on consuming a little alcohol, make sure you grab a bite. Additionally, buy your drink yourself and avoid leaving it alone to prevent someone from playing with your drink. Most importantly, while you are attending the event to support your favourite team, don’t forget that other fans are there with the same objective. Treat your fellow attendees with respect to avoid brawls from taking place.

Always be aware of your surroundings

Try to reach the event beforehand to avoid entering at the rush hours. While you are at the venue, familiarise yourself with the venue by finding out where the rest rooms are, the exits point locations and how to reach the security guards in times of emergency. Large events mostly hire one of the best crowd control companies that help in the security of the guests and also help them with the locations. If you feel that something isn’t going right, get in touch with the closest security personnel and inform them of your discomfort so that they can take immediate actions. Security guards are deployed especially to protect the people and prevent brawls from taking place.

Decide a meet-up point

Most people target the exit gates and run towards them in a rush, thinking they will be able to get out faster if they are the first ones to approach it. There is a very big possibility that you may end up separating from your friends and family in your quest of quickly exiting the venue. To avoid confusion and losing touch, make sure you chalk out a meet up point or plan before exiting the venue. If you have a backup plan, you can always meet your group members at your meet up point.

Carry your valuables safely

Most sports events engage massive crowd, especially if popular clubs are playing. Events that attract large crowds automatically becomes vulnerable to stealing and snatching. Protect your wallets and your pricey mobile phones by keeping them in the safest place possible to avoid getting robbed by moving crowds. Avoid carrying a lot of money and expensive things, and in situations where it is necessary for you to carry them, find out if the event has a cloak room.

We hope these tips will help you in planning for your next sports events that you are eagerly waiting to attend. Chief Group Security is one of the most prominent Crowd Control Companies in Sydney that provides security for large events including sports events, music events, concerts, and other large scale events.

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