With summer around the corner, you will see a lot of people gearing up for some exuberant outdoor activities. In the past few years, music concerts have received an overwhelming response from majority of people in Australia. People love the outdoor music concerts that they can attend with their friends and family and have a gala time while singing and dancing to their favourite bands and artists.

Amidst all the fun, it has also become necessary to follow some guidelines to avoid the dark side that these events boar. The excessive usage of drugs and consumption of alcohol lead to serious incidents causing massive destruction at these events.

Chief Group Services is amongst the most reliable Crowd Control Security Companies that has come up with a few suggestions that you can follow while attending the next music concert:

Form a large group

While planning for your next music concert, get in touch with all your friends who may be interested in going with you. It is always safer to attend a large scale event with a big group of people. This way, all the members who are attending the event can protect each other and look out for each other in many ways. This is also a great way of securing yourself while going from the event to your house during odd hours.

If the event is day long and requires you to stay at the venue, make sure you are always surrounded by people to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Most often, the target of unfortunate incidents are young females, therefore it is very important for them to be extra cautious while attending these events. To avoid getting into trouble, females can always carry a safety device that draws attention to them and alerts people around. There are many safety mobile apps that can be downloaded on personal mobile phones to alert the team members of their trouble even when there is no signal. Additionally, they can also carry whistles, the sound of which can draw great attention.

Never leave your drinks alone

Tampering with the drinks has been a major problem that the government of Australia has witnessed for all the young females in parties and concerts. Leaving your drink alone while you dance with your friends or you go to the washroom is a very bad idea because it increases the possibility of drink spiking. To avoid your drink from being tampered, make sure you never leave it alone. In addition, always stay at the bar while the bar tender makes your drink.

If you feel your drink has been played with, make sure you reach out to the security team on immediate basis. A spiked drink often causes vomiting and nausea, most commonly blurring your vision and causing bad headaches too. Event companies hire well trained guards that offer security to take immediate action in situations like these and provide you first aid as well. Try not to reach out to a stranger to get help if you feel any of these symptoms are playing with your mind and body. It is quite likely for you to fall into wrong hands, resulting in worst circumstances than you imagined.

Take care of your valuables

Music concerts attract massive crowds coming together to celebrate their favourite brands artists. While you are busy having fun and dancing to the tune of the song you love most, there will be an opportunity for thieves who are looking out to rob you off your valuables. Most stealing takes place when thieves secretly sneak out important valuables from your pocket and your hand bags.

Concert that involve big gatherings are the most wanted places for thieves and robbers as well. In this scenario, it is important that you avoid bringing expensive things for the concert and also to take care of your belongings. Make sure that you never leave the things that belong to you unattended. Take your valuables with you wherever you go, even on the dance floor. In case your belongings are missing, get in touch with the closest security personnel and inform them of the incident. Additionally, keep extra cash with you that will be handy in case you have been robbed.

Watch out for your safety

Most music concerts are scheduled to take place in the summer in outdoor places. While summer is a great time for music festivals, it also invites heat stroke. In this case, make sure you always keep yourself hydrated by drinking as much as water as you can after every few hours. If the concert you are attending is outdoor, there is a possibility of sun burn.  Carry a sun screen that you can apply every now and then to avoid sun burns.

While it’s a great idea to indulge in some martinis and cocktails to enjoy the event and to let loose, it is imperative you don’t over do it. Alcohol is often the cause of major trouble, ruddy behaviour and brawls that is certainly going to cause disruption in your enjoyment. To avoid feeling too drunk, make sure you keep munching every now and then and also before coming to the event. In case you feel unwell, get in touch with the closest security personnel.

The best way to secure yourself from getting into unforeseen circumstances, it is always important that you follow instructions and pay heed to the crowd controllers that have been especially hired to provide you safety. You will always find one or many Crowd Control Security Companies who will be helpful in providing you assistance in times of need. Besides trusting your friends with your well-being, it is imperative that you understand that security personnel and authorities are the most trusted people you can reach out to in case of emergency.

More importantly, it is necessary that you take precautions and avoid incidents from taking place. Securing yourself from all the hazards is more important if you are looking forward to a wonderful day that will only bring back good memories. Remember, your security is always in your hands.

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