Traffic management services majorly arises on occasions when either a construction is taking place or a special event that involves massive crowd and vehicles. To make sure that the flow of traffic is not affected, it is important to make sure that a systematic plan is put in place to streamline traffic conditions.

Sydney is a place for a lot of carnivals, music concerts, food and wine festivals, cultural events, marathons and many more. While the patrons are gearing up to celebrate these events, it is the moral responsibility of the event organisers to make sure that the stream of traffic is disturbed. A large scale charity marathon for instance, can easily invite thousands of participants, a music concert from a popular celebrity can attract people from all over the country, the list of fun activities to do in Sydney are endless.

There is always a flip side of everything that happens around us. Other than the excitement that these events bring along, they also call for some planning to make sure that the daily routine of the city is not affected. Traffic management is amongst many things that need serious attentions while planning for these events. To recall only good memories of the special events, it is important to make sure that every person who attends them and the regular travellers are safe before and during the event.

To carry out a systematic traffic management plan, you can always reach out to one of the best Traffic Control Companies in Sydney. Most of these companies are certified by the government to hire expert traffic controllers, to deploy and formulate a traffic management plan and also to formulate one. Road permits include authorising the plan for road closures, diversions, new track for pedestrians and vehicles from the Government of Sydney. Good traffic control agencies will have worked with many event management companies to bring an effective traffic plan into action to ensure complete safety to the pedestrians as well as vehicle drivers at all times during the event.

Managing the traffic during special events is necessary to provide a carefree environment to the people who leave their safety at the hands of the event organisers. Apart from keeping the pedestrians and vehicle drivers safe, experienced traffic controllers also ensure safety to nearby restaurants and cafés who provide seating outside their premises.

Putting together a traffic plan

The making of a traffic plan involves several stages. First and foremost, the planning of a traffic plan takes after ascertaining the flow of traffic to determine the kind of traffic sign boards you will need to alert the travellers and the event attendees.

Walk into the second step by visiting the site with your traffic control company to observe the regular traffic flow, the speed at which people drive and the state of the road. Also spot the places where the sign boards, bus stops and tram stations are located. Once all the information has been gathered successfully, your traffic control agency will give you a detailed plan to manage the flow of the traffic for the number of days you hire it for.

In order to bring your traffic plan into action, it is important that you take road occupancy license that should enclose details of all the changes that you will be making to the existing traffic conditions. This permit also should state the number of days and time that your traffic controllers will be taking in charge of the flow of traffic.

If you are going with hiring a company that manages the traffic control on your behalf, it will be entirely their responsibility to get an approval from the road owner. This is generally carried out by submitting an application to the owner of the road to attain all licenses. These licenses often involve certain fee, depending on the ownership, the location of the site and the kind of changes that you want to make to the site. It is always wiser to let a professional take in charge of the road licenses as well as planning the stream of traffic because of the experience they hold.

A good traffic plan should include the number of traffic controllers at each point, the signage board location and devices that will be put in place for road diversions and closures. Additionally, it is also important to ensure that your traffic place minimises the interaction between the pedestrians and the vehicles to avoid accidents/mis happenings.

Executing the traffic plan

Implementing the plan you constructed after careful consideration is the second step of traffic management. In the entire process, the lead role is played by the expert traffic controllers. These professional traffic controllers play an instrumental role in managing the traffic conditionals completely, and usually hold certificates that is valid for three years. After the expiry of this certificate, every traffic controllers is required to take training using the latest traffic techniques and renew their certificate.

Normally, a team of traffic controllers is guided by a supervisors who takes responsibility of their actions. The supervisors are usually from the Red Car team that are licensed to make necessary modification to the existing plan, in case you forget to take into consideration unpredicted circumstances while drafting the plan.

Most companies that you come across will have vehicles to manage the traffic for traffic controlling. These majorly include trucks that are deployed on the site to lift vehicles in case of breakdown. Besides providing traffic control vehicles, important sign boards to indicate road closure, diversion and pedestrians pathways are put up for smooth traffic flow during special events. In addition, necessary equipment, including fuel for traffic control vehicles, nudge and tow equipment and a spill station, is provided by the company who manages the traffic during the event. Some of these vehicles are equipped with first aid kits for emergency, reverse alerts and strobe lighting to provide utmost safety.

If you have been successful in hiring expert traffic controllers, you are certainly getting the best services in all forms. These services involve end-to-end traffic control solutions for your special events. The Traffic Control Companies you shortlist should be well trained to manage the stream of traffic by causing minimum inconvenience to both the special event attendees and the regular travellers. The primary objective of the traffic controllers is to make sure that the event is carried out smoothly without disrupting the regular flow of traffic. To make sure you hire a perfect company to carry out seamless traffic management, run a check on their history and go through the list of clients they have worked for.

While shortlisting the companies that you would finalise for traffic control for special events in Sydney, make sure you go with one that alters its way of working according to the need of the hour. Providing customised solutions is not something that every second company will be interested in doing. Take testimonies from the clients that have earlier worked with the company you are considering. At the end of the day, you require a company that works as a partner to support your traffic management strategies.

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