Security Guard Hire with Chief Group Services: In the past few years, corporates have altered their way of organising the security of their premises. This change majorly involves shifting their focus from only hiring full time security guards to also hiring contracted security personnel as a part of their security team. This gradual shift in their interest is majorly because it is better to maintain a consistency when it comes to the safety of a corporate structure.

Ironically, in-house security guards are less reliable because their employment may not last a lifetime, there will come a time when they leave your organisation for better job opportunities. Contracted security guards may also not stay for a longer period but it will then be the responsibility of your security company to give you an appropriate replacement.

Additionally, the ever-evolving technology requires your team of security personnel to be updated at all times. If you go with hiring a dedicated security company, the chances of them being more trained and updated is higher.

Let’s look at the apprehensions that some companies may have and what the other set of companies did to overcome their distress:

Fear of losing control

A number of organisation like the idea of outsourcing their security operations to a third party company but the idea never materialises. However much appealing the idea of hiring part time security guards is, some companies still prefer to have a permanent team of security guards to make sure they don’t lose the control of their security operations. You can easily live through these feeling by hiring a company that offers customized security solutions for your needs. This way, you can limit the responsibilities of your part time security team and modify them as and when you feel that you are losing control. Some of these companies also go to the extent of conducting regular audits for their clients to make changes to the existing services.

Compromise in the quality

Some corporates are led to believe that the quality of resources you hire on part time basis is not as good as the permanent ones. Finding a reliable company that provides skilled resources is not very challenging. All you have to do is run a check on the company you hire and take an insight on the procedures they follow to hire their resources. Good security companies also provide physical and mental training to their security personnel that helps them take instant decisions in a critical situation. There can be lack in the quality of the resources you get if your security company is not reputable and if they don’t operate the screening of their guards on an individual basis. Security companies that have a respectable image in the market conduct regular training session and programs.

Forfeiture of managerial powers

Like all departments in a corporate office, security division too has a designated security manager who is responsible for handling all the security related issues. In some cases, security manager don’t completely feel at ease with the idea of getting a contracted security team on board. They’re assumption is guided by the thought that their powers as a manager will reduce and will ultimately result in termination. On the contrary, hiring a team of third party guards can let off the steam from the security managers. They will no longer have to be involved in petty issues that require immediate attention and focus their energy on working towards a better security system that can be integrated with the help of these guards. Security managers can also invest the time they save in fixing the loopholes in their security system.

Increase in the overall cost

Recruiting a full time employee involves many hidden costs. The first expense is towards the charges we pay to recruitment agencies to hire employees that is followed by payroll taxes and perquisites like medical insurance, travel allowance, meal allowances. With an increasing sense of awareness amongst people, the chances of law suits, including harassment, wrongful termination, are more if you chose to keep in-house security guards. This cost can be avoided by simply outsourcing the security of your premises to a dedicated security company. Many companies are already shifting their base from in-house security to contracted security which involves no liability whatsoever. You can simply choose to pay this company on hourly basis or a lump sum amount on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis.

Changing the way you work towards providing security to your premises and your staff member is not as easy as it sounds. Improving and modifying your methods for better security operation is definitely a way up. We hope this blog will be helpful in your transition to opting for security guard hire from a reputable security company.

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