Have you noticed a growth in employee absenteeism across your organization? Are you anxious about the performance of certain employees, who are taking more sick leaves than usual?

Employee absenteeism is a major concern in big and small organisation these days. Apart from legitimate days, people get absent from work due to sickness, injury, mental health, or other forms of paid time off (PTO), often leading to costly temporary solutions. These solutions necessitate overburdening to other employees with extra work.

Speaking of increasing absenteeism levels, it becomes essential for companies, whether small or large to understand the different reasons behind their employees’ absence from work. Although an employee’s personal situation can also be the reason for his/her absenteeism, or it can be an indication of a deeper workplace-related issue. In addition, if your working environment is hazardous, it will simply lead to employee absenteeism.

If absenteeism is an important issue for your business, let’s look at the various reasons behind their absence, how it impacts business, and what you can do to manage absenteeism across your organization.

Here are the causes that lead to absenteeism:


There are many reasons that cause employees to take excessive leaves, other than their legit days off. These reasons differ from less severe illnesses like cold and influenza to serious ones like chronic back problems.

The absence of employees might also be affected by your unhygienic working environment that heavily contributes to their illness. People find discomfort at their workplace because of the unpleasant working conditions such as fouling smell, dust and dirt around premises, and much more. Because of these working conditions, they are demotivated from coming to work. And the consequence will likely to be the extra workload that tumbles down to the other staff member, which increases the risk of stress, health issues, and consequently absenteeism — a vicious cycle.

A commercial cleaning companies can become your helping hand and provide you with better cleaning solutions. These companies generally take care of their clients by using eco-friendly products for cleaning, which are not harmful for people. It is always advisable to take care of cleaning around the organization, and reducing the chances of employees miss their work.

Family care

Employees who live with elders or children, find it difficult to come to work on time or give prior notice of their absenteeism, if they need to take some time off in case their care arrangements fall through. Although some companies allow their employees to work from home with a certain degree of flexibility, if they are living with their dependents. However, this given flexibility, results in lower productivity .


A study suggests that employees who suffer from bullying, avoid coming to work consistently. These suffered employees generally tend to take leave from work if they are being bullied or harassed at work. They usually do this to avoid a peculiar situation.


If employees are being overloaded with work, they get fatigued and stressed with their deadlines that cause burnout. In this situation, the productivity of employees lower to nil while increasing the level of work stress. Besides this, it leads to work negligence when employees call in sick, as their bodies are unable to keep up with growing demands.

Disengagement and low morale

When it comes to the feelings of dissatisfaction with the job and low morale, employees get demotivated to come to work. These employees feel disconnected from their work, and often feel undervalued. The feeling of dissatisfaction could be related to the work environment, professional relationships, their role in the company, or even their career path.

Mental distress

One of the few factors that cause absenteeism is psychological distress. An employee gets impassive and unable to cope with work and workplace interactions through a range of factors such as the workplace or personal stress, depression, anxiety, and many more that leads to stress.

Unhygienic Work Conditions

Cleanliness around the workplace can also be a reason for your employee’s ill-health. In that case, you need to learn more about deep cleaning your premises to provide a healthy environment for the workplace.

Hiring one of the best Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney can be your helping hand to giving your employees a healthy and a safe environment. Healthy environment will not only increase their productivity at work, but will also there will be a probability boost their interest in other activities too.

It is imperative for all businesses to understand the impact and causes of absenteeism which starts with spotting problem areas and working in the right direction to fix them.

A happy environment, a happy workplace!

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