Traffic jams are a common sight in mega cities around the globe. The increasing population is turning out to be a prominent factor for this intensifying traffic. However, economic growth can also be considered as another factor of impulsive traffic.

If we look at the past seventy years, the total passenger travels in Australian cities has almost increased by ten times. A philosophy of having a personal vehicle might have given this situation a boost, that accounts for about 87% in total. Besides this, approximately more than 4 million people living in suburban areas can entirely rely on using car transport for work and study. Although, the usage of a car per person has been reduced with the growing awareness of carbon emissions per capita.

Apart from the personal vehicles, public transport also contributes to increasing traffic across multiple Australian cities. With an increasing demand for public transportation, by 2031, it can rise to 89% approx. This erratic traffic calls for an organized traffic control management system that is followed by traffic control companies Sydney. These companies ensure a smooth and orderly movement of traffic around cities.

Unfortunately, Australian cities are enfolded with deadlocks and congestions along the major roads causing delays to commuter’s time, which eventually results in loss of their productivity. With the interweaving of road networks, the volume of traffic in Australian city is predicted to increase aggregate social costs by 2030.

Why is traffic control management essential?

Traffic control management plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of the ambiance and living standards in urban space. The management also has the power to decide the proper flow of traffic within the Australian cities. Here, we are discussing the importance of traffic control management in cities,

– for ensuring the safety of vehicle drivers and pedestrians crossing roads.
– for the proper flow of traffic movement at a particular intersection(s).
– for reducing the number of fatalities and misfortunes.
– for diverting traffic from one route to another while keeping the vehicle users and pedestrians safe from danger zones.
– for keeping all the dangerous and hazardous points of road under control.
– for controlling and managing the traffic at places where it causes bottlenecks due to unplanned entry and exit of vehicles.
– for the safety of personnel working at the construction and road maintenance sites.
– for avoiding congestion which may lead to delay and loss of productivity of the people.

Why is the right traffic control management plan necessary?

Roadway construction, utility companies’ work, road maintenance, and events like parades and street festivals, and even unforeseen circumstances like road accidents. These events sometimes cause an episodic movement of traffic such as road closures which hurt road users as well as disrupt the traffic flow. Therefore, when it comes to the safety of the road users, traffic control companies come into action and implements an opposite traffic management plan to ensure smooth flow of traffic from one route to another.

With the development of the right strategy, the traffic management plan makes sure no one will get hampered on the road, while they are driving or crossing lanes. A right traffic management plan provides clear guidelines to deal with every step of the traffic management, using the right approach. The positioning of traffic control personnel should also be included in this strategy.

What is included in a good traffic management plan?

A traffic management plan constitutes some sub-plans which include:

Traffic control plans

A traffic control plan is inclusive of different types of texts, layouts, and drawings that chart out measures required for implementing the right management of traffic for a particular project. The plan also includes the details of how the traffic control devices will be positioned for the safety and reliability of road users.

Public information plans

Most public construction projects are concerned with a short notice period; thereby, a reliable communication strategy is used to inform people about the level of disruption that work will cause. This strategy comes into public information plans that include reliable communication channels, such as TV, radio, social media, and signage to inform people.

Incident response plans

If accidents or other critical incidents occur during a roadway project, it becomes necessary that all the potential risks are identified beforehand. Thus, incident response plans are made that include emergency response agency who stop the work if the severity of the incident is involved, inform the concerned government authority , and provide methods to record it.

Incident management plans

Incident response plans are followed by the incident management plans to ensure that the management of incidents is appropriately executed. These plans are inclusive of a list of priorities and procedures to provide the right traffic control management of the uncertain conflicts happen on roads.

Implementation Plans

Last, but certainly not least, an implementation plan is required to implement sub-plans of traffic management plan again. This plan includes the responsibilities and duties of the members to perform in every sub-plan that should be correctly coordinated and executed. Additionally, a designated supervisor is also involved in monitoring the entire process along with the team’s work.

What are the products involved in traffic control and management?

Traffic control and management involve traffic control systems that are difficult to manage.

The more these traffic control and management products are organized, the more conveniently they can tackle the traffic issues. These traffic control products have ultimate benefits that can be availed by traffic control companies in Sydney. Let’s check out these traffic control products –

DuraTherm for high-traffic areas

DuraTherm – a thermoplastic paving product that is manufactured with proven technology. This product is used to mark a pathway where pedestrians can cross. Besides, intersections and handicap zones also use this product with high-visibility. This product is bright in color and has a pattern selection which makes it an ideal solution to pave heavy traffic areas.

ColourTrack for highways

ColourTrack – a highway surfacing product that has anti-slip characteristics used for a variety of guideways. This product uses crushed recycled glass or colourfast pigmented granite that comes in different types of shades and forms a safe resolution. These resolutions are used for painting cycle lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, tram crossings, and other public facilities.

HiGrip for road intersections

HiGrip – a high-friction surfacing system of a premium quality that helps in reducing the decelerating speeds at intersections. This product is usually used at intersections, crosswalks, roundabouts, accident-prone spots to reduce accident frequency. This is an excellent traffic control and management product to ensure the safety and convenience of road users.

MSR traffic controller

MSR traffic controller – a traffic control management device that has a sensor technology for detecting and counting the number of user vehicles, whether in indoor or outdoor areas. This product can be easily connected to apps or existing control systems, and is not affected by the temperature change. Besides these features, it is easy-to-installed and proven to be a beneficial product.

Bottom line

The flow of traffic movement across the Australian cities requires a thorough traffic management plan that ensures the health and safety of people. Intersections between pedestrians and user vehicles can lead to many accidents, whether they take place around an event, inside busy shopping malls, at a construction or road maintenance site or within a warehouse environment.

As traffic hazards can arise from a variety of factors, therefore, business owners have a responsibility to make sure that any risk(s) concerned with the safety and security of people should be eliminated. In the same line, traffic control companies Sydney help in reducing these uncertain incidents on roads.

If you want to create a good traffic management plan for your event, street festival, concert, construction site, and even for your workplace, get in touch with Chief Group Services. Feel free to speak to our customer care executive(s) who will help you to get the right strategy for traffic control in your designated areas.

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