Centre for Disease Control & Prevention states that – over two million people in the world get injured, and around thirty-two thousand are killed every year in road accidents. With increasing road accidents, traffic control companies Sydney have resolved to regulate the flow of traffic, reduce clogging, and eventually creating a safe and secure atmosphere for road users.

Traffic control companies are responsible for maintaining and deploying lane control systems, such as LED signs and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to direct the traffic flow from one route to another.

High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are designed to alleviate traffic congestion at intersections and crossways, and also to increase safety on roads for pedestrians and vehicle users. These HOV lanes are separated from regular traffic lanes with unfaltering barriers. However, if these lanes won’t be parted from regular lanes, the number of road accidents will increase.

Dynamic message and LED signs are used to control different lane traffic. These signs can put a significant hole in the budget if they are being used without factorizing the long-term maintenance and operations cost. Consequently, to reduce these maintenance and operations cost, traffic controllers use traffic delineators. These traffic delineators are designed to route the traffic flow and make road users aware of the directional change if they find the road is cracked or damaged or using the wrong lane.

Traffic delineators are more affordable and safer too, to channelize the movement of traffic at different intersections. Rather than using large sign boards, placing traffic delineators across roadways is a much better strategy. These traffic delineators trigger off many potential risks for road users, including pedestrians and vehicle users.

Traffic delineators can provide many benefits for the safety of people. Let’s understand the benefits of these traffic delineators for road safety –

Easy guidance & control of traffic flow

Using traffic delineators can guide the direction of traffic flow from one place to the other, and even around construction areas or possible accidental zones. These traffic delineators are positioned in locations where the road alignment is confusing or unexpected, such as at lane reduction transitions and curves.

Clear visibility

Traffic delineators are used to have clear visibility at night and even during adverse climatic conditions to pedestrians and vehicle users. These traffic delineators are designed with the reflective material used to remain visible, even when there is heavily raining or snowing on intersections, crossways, and roadways.

Cost-effective solution

On the higher end of the cost spectrum, traffic delineators are a cost-effective solution that can be used on roads. These traffic delineators have room for adapting end-user requirements of controlling the flow of traffic during special events and festivals. Besides using large signs and systems on roadways, utilization of traffic delineators is an excellent alternative as they don’t bear long-term maintenance costs.

A better solution for HOV lanes

Traffic delineators are a low cost and maintenance solution to keep high-occupancy lanes separate from regular traffic lanes in contrast to its counterparts’ HOV systems. These HOV systems are hydraulically or mechanically operated systems which always need maintenance and repair. Thus, traffic delineators are used in a more varied range of applications.

Bottom line

Traffic delineators help to guide pedestrians and vehicle users around construction sites and also in accidental prone areas. Using a traffic delineator is an effective way to safely and securely divert the traffic away from potentially harmful situations. These traffic delineators come in various shapes and sizes to suit all the possible circumstances that may occur daily, including reflective striped delineators, delineator posts, and reflective delineators.

Utilization of traffic delineators plays an essential role in averting accidents, regulating traffic congestion, improving public safety across the Australian cities. These traffic delineators are cost-effective and durable while providing considerable performance and maintenance. Therefore, traffic control companies Sydney use these traffic delineators for lane control, HOV applications, and complex parking infrastructures.

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