Security guard hire with Chief Group Services: We are working closely with bar and night club locations across the city to help club owners protect their all guests from unforeseen incidents.

Hiring a professional security team can be a lengthy procedure, keeping in mind numerous options available in the market today. This process, however, can be simplified if you carry it out in phases. Have a look:

Phase I

Primarily, before hiring a team of security personnel, ask yourself these questions: is there any security risk involved? Is your property or business at stake? Is the matter requiring additional assistance related to safety?

For our bar and night club owners, following are the answers:

Clubs, lounges, bars, and restaurants deal with quite a lot of security issues each day. These issues arise from uncontrollable crowd to perimeter violations, and from assault claims to over intoxication. In such cases, club owners are bound to have a professional security team. Consumption of excessive alcohol makes it impossible for staff members of the club to manage the crowd which increases the concern of business owners. Consequences call for crowd control security companies to ensure safety for all guests.

Governing a venue with strict standards is necessary if you don’t want your property to be at stake. If you don’t set rules, you may end up spoiling the reputation of your club within minutes. Security companies that can provide you a professional security team know how to mitigate problems in areas where attention is needed to make sure your reputation is safe.

A group of security professionals should be present in all clubs, especially when every night is a party. Whether you host a dance night, a beer night or a ladies night, an extra pair of eyes is needed to look after your guest list, dress code, and maintaining the safe environment that will do no harm to your business.

Phase II

Drive into the second phase by understanding the step you should follow to maintain the desired culture in your club.

Normally, you can categorize your team of security professionals into armed and unarmed.

Armed security guards must have a permit to carry firearms. These officers can be current or former military or law enforcement officers. On the other hand, unarmed security guards are required to have rigorous training under the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. These unarmed officials are specialized in a criminal history background check and the power to arrest practice.

You can choose from both the categories of security professionals depending on your requirements.

Security guards act as a deterrent for potential crimes that can come around at a surprising time. In addition, your team of security guards can also act as customer service that can boost customer satisfaction.

For instance, a security guard is said to be useful if a client wants to know the location of a help desk or any other designated area on the site. A security professional on a personal level can ward you off from an offensive activity.

Phase III

In the third phase, evaluate your budget. Different security operations propose different pricing. With a definite structure of pricing, abilities, and expectations of security officials vary. 

Most of the crowd control security companies include payroll tax, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, city tax, and overhead into the cost of your preferred guard. This cost adds up to nearly 40% more than the general security guard is paid.

If you prefer low pricing, then you can expect low-quality services from your guards. These guards can be new or simply careless towards their work. For instance, most of the clients complain that they are dissatisfied with their security team; that’s where their budget becomes questionable.  Sometimes clients compromise on their budget initially, because of which the security team they get is not necessarily the best.

On the other end of the cost spectrum, it’s a reality that high cost has a direct relationship with a stellar service. This is the situation where celebrity security guards culminate in as celebrities certainly pay them a significant amount. This amount is reflective of their genuinely good service to their employers.

While picking up a security company, you need to keep these things at the back of your mind from a personal perspective to ensure you have the best security team. 

Phase IV

In the fourth phase, get a hang of how your guards are deployed the best ways to manage them.

Security professionals are supervised by a range of people from field supervisors to managers and business owners. The supervision revolves around the knowledge they (security officials) have perceived yet, their keen attention to every detail, and their responsiveness on behalf of the management that can make or break a successful company.

Most people assume that security guards are independent contractors because the market is quite fragmented. However, we provide professional security guards who ensure that your business operations can’t get hurt.

The management of our company ensures that all of the guards are vetted, accredited with the latest certifications, and certified to work on every post.

We serve on a 24/7 model that allows us to connect with our security officers in the field through remote location tracking, phones, in-person supervision and even through a response given by the client(s).

Bottom line

While finding a prospective team of security professionals for your bar and night club, the most critical factor is your comfort level and the type of your security that you are looking for. You can reach to the company management when you don’t need to hurt either of them.

Chief Group Services provides a rich scope of security professionals who are licensed, insured, and trained.  We have a highly responsive and committed management team who has fifty years of experience in the security services sector. Also, we have invested significantly in the development of quality, environmental and health & safety management systems.

As safety is a criterion for all company operations and should always be established by every staff member, we offer regular and temporary security guards, static guards, covert security officials, crowd and traffic controllers at your service. We also provide a combination of cleaning and general maintenance services to meet the needs of a wide range of corporate and Government clients as well.

We hire the best officers to provide top-notch services at affordable prices as we value both our guards and clients. We firmly believe in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations by delivering bespoke solutions and nurturing beneficial & long-term relationships. Our modern approach is to analyze risk at the concerned area and provide rigorous quality standards to our clients that should be matched to their requirements, and the right people are placed with the right clients.

If you have decided to go with a professional security team that provides you with the best service to meet your needs, get in touch with us. We aim to deliver both dedicated security officers and assigned security patrol vehicles to our clients in support of their requirements.

Let’s be safe and sound at every place we go!

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