Securing a construction site is tough. The structure of the building that hasn’t been built yet refrains from locking up all the valuable equipment and materials.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s 2014 heavy equipment theft report states that they found a total of 11,625 heavy equipment thefts that were reported to law enforcement that year. This number was increased to 1.2% from the year before, and only 23% of the equipment was recovered. This very scenario becomes a dilemma for the construction industry.

If you are planning the construction of a building and want to secure all your valuable equipment and protect your supplies, shake a hand with construction security companies. These companies can do wonders in protecting your construction site.

We have compiled a list of methods and measures that are used by these security companies to safeguard your valuables at a construction site against theft. Let’s take a look –

Use good lighting

If the site is lit up like a lighthouse, it’s a good preventive measure for a thief who is trying to sneak into your store.

Depending on your requirements, construction security officials help you find a lot of ways for lighting options on construction site(s).

For instance, if you have a small construction site to protect, you may only require a few lamps to well-lit up the area. If you have a large site, you may have to mount up dual-head LED lights for better lighting at the site.

By this understanding, you must know how much you lose from theft.

Put tracking devices in your equipment

In this modern era, introducing advanced technology to your security system can help you secure expensive equipment.

Tracking devices can be easily installed on a range of objects from a front-loader or a backhoe to a large pallet of lumber or other shipments of expensive materials. If there is an attempt at any attempt of robbery, you can monitor it and get your belongings back.

For instance, installing a GPS device can help you screen all the equipment used by your labor. This device offers cloud-based software that tracks the equipment in real-time while optimizing usage hours.

Install fencing

Making your construction site unattractive by mounting fencing before structuring is necessary as it works well with uninviting thieves looking to make an easy score.

At times, thieves can cause a significant damage to the site just to steal a couple of bucks of metal, iron, or copper by ripping them out of the walls. If you are not keeping a lot of expensive equipment at the site, it will be in your favor to pay for some good security.

Authorizing only one entry point to the construction site allows you to access the entry and exit of every person at the site.

Get surveillance and install warning signs

A construction site happens to be an easy target for thieves, especially if they don’t see any warning signs that the site is under surveillance.

Integrating a good surveillance system gives you a complete picture of the site. The system helps you to have complete footage of the place if in case, anyone makes a run with your materials and heavy equipment. 

With the added benefit of the surveillance system, it provides you a safe working environment for both employees and visitors. Besides this, the system also enables you to monitor the development of construction in real time. Sometimes, it may even save you from a liability lawsuit.

Plan deliveries

Setting up deliveries of material should be a part of your plan. If there is no one to secure it, expensive materials and equipment can get stolen in transit or even at the site, if there is no one to secure it. This is also easy for thieves to bait.

By planning deliveries, you can assure the other person that there will be some designated person to secure a delivery when it arrives. However, it’s not that easy as construction sites can be small, large, and even at disorganized places. This takes a lot of skill in construction management to ensure each delivery arrives at a particular time when someone is there to protect it.

How do you prevent your construction site?

These are some of the measures used by construction security companies to help you keep thieves out of your construction site.

When it comes to securing a construction site, indeed, these tricks will guide you through to protect your materials and equipment at the site.

Get in touch with us to know more about these preventing practices to keep your place out of reach from burglary.

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