The construction and security are two activities that go hand in hand during a construction project.

Unprotected sites are at higher risk of theft of raw materials, and other resources like copper wires & pipes that can be torn out of walls. When you have valuable assets to protect and deadlines to meet, security at your construction site should be your concern.

Robbery is a widespread concern on construction sites, causing massive losses on every day basis. Construction projects such as airports, office towers, highways, and even smaller housing developments are getting hampered due to thievery. These construction sites are majorly targeted by organized criminals, individual thieves, and even labores working at these sites. They can steal everything, from copper wires, appliances, and tools, to drywall, timber, and other building materials.

Considering that these activities decrease profit margins on already thin margin layers and also cause costly interruptions, delays, and unsafe working conditions. To prevent this from happening, you can get in touch with construction security companies for help. These companies can implement better security plan at your construction site(s). Let’s find out these measures that are used by these security companies to safeguard the construction area –

Formation of a security plan

A security plan should be implemented and communicated to all the personnel and workers involved, before the commencement of the project. It is also important to train the workers to look out for their safety by reporting unusual behavior in their surroundings and also protecting themselves.

These security companies can help in monitoring sensitive areas and shifting inventory to a protected area across the site. A plan that includes specific procedures should be formulated and followed by everyone and enforced, if required.

Identify on-site assets

You can identify the expensive machinery and equipment on your construction site and report it to your security team who can protect it from potential robbers. The security of these items can be carried out by creating an illusion of various valuable assets as regular inventory to fool the burglars.

In case a robbery of one of these assets has taken place, your security team can quickly identify all the missing and damaged items and report it to the nearest police authority on an urgent basis. Tracing the robbers and the items will be easier if the complaint is made immediately after the robbery.

Administered access control

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the security on your construction site is – managed access control. These controls restrict unauthorized persons from entering into the secured areas such as employee entrance doors, office tools, and stock storage areas while helping you control employee access.

By leveraging these controls, you can limit the risk of internal and external threats. You can also place security guards on all entrance and exit doors of your construction site to make sure that every one who enters the site has authorisation. This way, you can protect the site from people who can just walk in the premises and cause damage.

Verified Security Systems

Construction security companies help you set up the most effective and verified security systems. Officials continuously monitor these systems by using a combination of infrared cameras and motion-based alarms.

These security systems are an integrated security solution that can be used wired or wireless. The systems use advanced video and motion detection equipment to create an electronic perimeter around the perimeter of the construction site. These systems can be installed in high-value areas such as equipment and material storage areas for effective monitoring.

Turn-off lights

A popular belief – lighting in the place can catch the attention of thieves as it illuminates assets that can disappear in the dark. On the contrary, construction security company officials use infrared cameras that can see in the dark, and thereby help you catch the offender sneaking around thinking he can’t be seen.

Traditional security measures

Setting up fences should be mandatory from the safety point of workers and assets. However, these fences don’t do much to prevent determined criminals from breaking them. The traditional security systems won’t be effective either as these systems often produce false alarms, and unable to secure large and complex areas such as a construction site.

Hiring construction security companies is an effective solution due to their attentiveness and effective monitoring at the construction site(s). These companies make sure that proper procedures are being followed by all the personnel who are in charge of making a safe environment for the people involved in the working on the construction sites.

Understand your area of concern, and you are good to go. These security companies help you to protect your construction site properly, so you end up being safe.

Armed with these ideas and procedures, you can upgrade your current security solution with construction security companies to protect your valuable inventory, resources, and assets from having a total peace of mind. We, Chief Group Services conduct a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation of your construction site to make sure that you will be effectively protected from both internal and external threats.

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