Security guards hire with Chief Group Services: People often visit shopping malls in large groups for watching movies, playing games, shopping and for other entertainment activities. The nature of these shopping malls makes them more susceptible to certain security threats. Therefore, it’s important to understand the most common threats to maintain security in these respective areas.

In this post, we will be talking about a few security issues that make shopping areas vulnerable. Have a look –


Shopping malls are the most vulnerable to shoplifting, especially when the most expensive and precious products are displayed in every corner of the mall. Malls are surrounded by large quantities of valuable items that are swayable to theft.

The possibility of mugging increases if appropriate measures are not taken to prevent theft from taking place. 


The reason that shopping centres are public properties, the chances of them being exposed to vandalism increases, particularly when a wide variety of people are around. The reason that each person has different reason and mood while they visit these centres also causes a security threat.

Youngsters are likely to cause damage to the property if appropriate security measures are not carried out.


A probability of squabbles increases between customers in a public place like a shopping mall. This activity is amplified especially during big sales such as Black Friday when many people visit the site. Without taking severe security measures, folks can become violent and compromise the safety of everyone available there.

Unauthorized Entry

Shopping malls have several entrances and exits for customers, employees, and deliveries. By using these entries and exits, people come in and go out carrying different packages of different sizes. This makes it difficult to monitor the movement of people, consequently giving unauthorized people a chance to walk inside the premises.

Vehicle Violations

Shopping malls usually have garages and parking lots that are filled with countless number of cars and motorbikes. However, when these areas are unattended for a more extended period, it becomes vulnerable to theft. Without properly monitored parking lots, these areas become more exposed to felonies.

Emergency Situations

Emergency such as fire, natural disasters, and attacks can occur in any area and mostly take place in unforeseen circumstances. These situations are hazardous for people in shopping malls. For the safety and security of people, make sure security professionals are trained for these emergencies.

Lost Children

Missing children is a common issue in shopping malls. Shopping malls are often crowded with people, store employees, security guards, and many more. Embellishments of malls entice children and let them wander off to places quickly. Security professionals should follow protocols in this scenario to locate lost children and return them to their parents.

Security tips to increase safety in shopping malls

It’s essential to integrate security protocols to handle each of these situations. Security guards accessing control systems can be beneficial in making sure that no one enters the mall after closing hours and also ensure that unauthorized individuals are not allowed to enter through delivery and employee entrances.

Surveillance cameras are essential to monitor each movement of people in shopping malls to prevent security threats. By using these cameras, a team of professionals quickly address the situation before it becomes a problem. Hire security guards who are trained to address all threats and panic situations.

A significant increase in store traffic is a common sight during the holiday season. Managing heavy foot fall can be very challenging for the administration department. Call in security companies for creating a pleasant shopping experience for visitors, identifying suspicious behaviours and quickly resolve possible incidents.

However, if a particular area of the building is being constructed during these days, construction security companies come in action to ensure the safety of people at the concerned field of the shopping mall.

We are sharing essential security tips that you should follow to increase safety in shopping malls at the time of construction. Here you go –

Provide situational awareness and security training to the shopping mall’s personnel

Shopping mall personnel include information desk employees, cleaners, valet staff, and, to some extent, everyone works at retail stores.

The mall’s personnel usually do not face any severe threats. However, it’s important that they are trained in countering critical situations before it causes harm to anyone present around . The security team should know:

  • How to monitor the area when they arrive and leave the shopping mall
  • When not to be alarmed and resume regular shopping mall operations
  • How to move cash during holiday season securely
  • When and how to guide another staff member of a threat
  • How to report any suspicious or unusual activity to the security team with valuable descriptions or pictures of the suspect(s)
  • How to address visitors’ questions and redirect them to the mall exit

Familiarise shopping mall’s opening and closing procedures

Shopping mall’s personnel need to keep the mall and its operations under surveillance, including the time when the staff and security team arrive and leave the mall because the mall’s entry or exit hours are fixed.

The opening and closing time should be maintained by each staff member especially for holiday season. You can have your employees arrive on site two hours and the retailer’s employees an hour before the mall gets opened. This strategy ensures better vigilance in place.

The mall’s personnel and stores’ staff can easily settle in, inspect, and finally prepare their workspace for the busy day ahead. They are even mentally ready to monitor crowd ads to detect potential crooks.

Your personnel should inform and evacuate shopping mall visitors as fast as possible when it gets closed. Putting sign boards like ‘closed’ on mall’s doors alert your potential visitors to come in.

Planning of security equipment and procedures used throughout these days

A team of security professionals plays a crucial role in keeping your staff, store visitors, and the mall safe and secure.

Even when the construction in a specific area of the mall is coming to an end, there is still possibility that it can cause harm to the visitors. The security team needs to add some tasks in their security program including equipment protocols and emergency procedures. Strategies should be planned, discussed, documented, and communicated to all members of your security team at least one week before the holiday season:

  • Flashlights and radios should be operational and in adequate quantity
  • Reconsider procedures of reporting suspicious behavior of visitors, store staff and even employees
  • Increase awareness within the team and emphasize the importance of fast emergency response
  • Plan alternate patrolling routes and times to reduce potential crimes

Deploy additional security guards to patrol the premises of the shopping mall

The first line of defense against potential threats to the shopping mall is your team of security guards. These security professionals are always on the lookout for suspicious activities.

Hire security companies who will know how to address these security risks in time. Deploying these security companies enable your mall’s security team to:

  • Patrol the entire mall before it opens to the public
  • Team up with one additional security patrol guard until the mall opens
  • Line-up two other security patrol guards, one of which should be stationed at the food court, and the second one should be patrolling the common mall areas, like restrooms, parking lots, etc.
  • Locate one extra guard for patrolling outdoors, hourly checking of the roof door and mechanical rooms
  • Position security guards at the shopping mall’s entrances to make sure that there will be no unauthorized persons re-enter after the mall is closed.

These security tips are useful to start with as there is a lot more than you can review as a part of your escalation plans, such as your mall activities, shipping and receiving, roof access, and much more.

You can put these tips into practice and make sure that all of the security teams are well-informed so that they get ready to deal with any threat that comes their way.

Chief Group Services understands every client’s business objectives and therefore takes a different approach to fulfil those requirements. Our construction security companies work with you to develop strategic security programs and suggest solutions that cost-effectively address your security challenges.

Consider hiring a team of security officers for the safety and security of your people.

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