Road signs bring order on our roads. These signs provide the optimum direction and also bring about safety to cause minimum delay. Without these road signs, chaos would rule the roads, and our daily drive would be dangerous.

Installing road signs along the roadside comes under Australia’s state responsibility, which conforms to national guidelines, effective in the same pattern across the country. States and local councils also use appropriate signs in their areas. These are extremely useful in alerting drivers of potential dangers ahead.

If you are a licensed driver, you must certainly be aware of the dangers on the road.  Road signs serve as great tools in providing cautionary alerts to drivers so that they are prepared for what lies ahead. Therefore, it is important to know the meaning of each and every road signs, irrespective of how commonly it is used. 

However, there are a lot of them and are often not very easy to recall. While trying to identify all the road signs that are not frequently used, we came across the following:

Road signs used in Australia are of three types, such as regulatory signs, warning signs, and information signs.


Regulatory signs are laid down to showcase the rules and regulations of the road. Passengers can abide by these rules and regulations. If any individual fails to follow these signs, there are chances of their licenses to get cancelled or suspended. In some cases, people are compelled to pay a heavy fine to the state or council.

Speed limit sign

Speed limit signs are mounted on the roads to indicate the maximum speed of your vehicle in that particular road. These signs are particularly rectangular in shape that states the maximum speed in black inside a red circle on a white background.

Stop sign

Stop sign is printed with the word ‘STOP’ in white on a red background. The sign is octagonal and commands the drivers to stop their vehicle at the sight of this road sign. Usually this road sign is used by traffic controllers to give way to other traffic, and carry on carefully when the road is clear.

Give way sign

Give way sign is imprinted with the words ‘GIVE WAY’ in black inside a red triangle on a white background. The sign is triangular and indicated the drivers that they must slow their vehicle down and be prepared to stop their vehicle. The drivers can continue driving after giving way to other drivers.

Roundabout Sign

The roundabout sign indicates that a roundabout is ahead of you. This sign alerts the drivers of the roundabout ahead which means that you must give way to all vehicles while crossing the road. The sign is triangular with three black arrows forming a circle in a clockwise direction inside a red triangle on a white background.

Road construction sign

Temporary signs are posted at sites where roadworks are in progress. These signs indicate the need to reduce speed near construction area, to foster worker’s safety. Roadworks signs can be followed like regular speed limit signs for the protection of road workers.

School zones sign

The speed of the vehicles should be lesser around school zones for the safety of students. Most normally, vehicles are expected to drive under 40 km/h for a specified time during the day, usually between 8 am to 9.30 am when students arrive at their school in the morning and 2.30 pm to 4 pm when they’re leaving at the end of the day.

Restricted turn sign

Restricted turn signs could be left turns, right turns, and U-turns. These turns are banned in some locations to facilitate traffic flow and for the safety of people driving through. Restricted turn signs are rectangular with a black arrow in the direction of a banned turn inside a red circle on a white background. On some road sign, you can find other words such as ‘NO LEFT TURN”, which is also specified under this category.

Hook turn sign

Hook turn sign is required when you are driving on the intersection in the left lane indicating your intention to turn right. The presence of this sign indicates that you must halt and wait until traffic gets clear and you can safely complete the turn. These signs indicate a directional arrow by a rectangular sign imprinted with words ‘RIGHT TURN FROM LEFT ONLY’ in black on a white background with a black border.

Transit lane signs

Transit lane signs aid traffic flow on expressways or highways at peak times when lanes are dedicated to cars having three or more occupants. These signs are denoted with words ‘TRANSIT LANE’ in black on the white background above an indicator of the number of occupants allowed. Transit lane signs also include days and the time of day when these lanes are used.

Keep left sign

“Keep left” sign requires user vehicles to stay to the left of the road. The sign is in rectangular size with words ‘KEEP LEFT’. There is also an arrow pointing to the left in black on a white background with a black border.

Keep left unless overtaking sign

“Keep left unless overtaking sign” signifies vehicle users to stay left when driving on a multi-lane road unless they are overtaking in congested traffic. These signs are black and white and can be seen everywhere on the multi-lane highway.

No entry signs

No entry signs direct road users not to enter a street or road when they see a ‘NO ENTRY’ sign. These signs are likely to be set up on a one-way street. No entry signs are rectangular with a white dash inside a red circle on a white background.

Two-way signs

The two-way sign means that you are driving on a two-way road and traffic will be coming at you from the opposite direction. These signs are rectangular with different arrows and words ‘TWO-WAY’ in black on a white background with a black border.

One-way signs

One-way signs direct the traffic flow only in one direction. These signs are posted in square size with words ‘ONE WAY’ and an arrow in the direction, where the traffic flow is permitted. An arrow is in black on a white background with a black border.


Parking signs encourage traffic flow and give every road user fair access to a parking spot when they need it, although for a limited period. These signs are rectangular in shape, either vertical or horizontal, along with the time permitted to park, and in green on a white background.

No parking signs

No parking signs indicate users not to park within limits defined by the sign. These signs are in rectangular with ‘P’ in black inside a red circle with a red diagonal line across the ‘P’ on a white background. An arrow is imprinted on the sign indicate the area banned.

No standing signs

No standing signs clearly means that you cannot stop, not even for a short time, in a defined area. These signs are in rectangular with the letter ‘S’ in black inside a red circle with a red diagonal line on a white background. A red arrow is also imprinted that points to the affected area.

Restricted zones sign

Restricted zones sign indicates the area that is limited for business use, like a bus zone, taxi zone, or a zone that requires a permit. These signs are in rectangular with a white background and a red box above the box in which the particular use of the zone is written in white.

Clearways sign

Clearways sign indicates areas of high peak hour traffic to accelerate the traffic flow. These signs are imprinted with the word CLEARWAY in black, and the letter ‘C’ in a red box along with white background and the days and times the clearway is in use.


Warning signs are advertised to warn road users about the imminent hazard that requires attention. When you are driving through the road where you can face these warning signs, it simply says that you need to take care of your vehicle speed before continuing to drive.

Permanent warning signs

Permanent warning signs imply that you need to maintain the maximum safe speed while driving through these roads. These signs are diamond-shaped with a black graphic illustrating the hazard on a yellow background, that could warn you of many risks ahead of the way.

Lane closed warnings sign

Lane closed warnings sign is displayed at locations where traffic is merging, this can be from three lanes to two, or two to one. These signs are designed with a graphic showing an arrow continuing where traffic is unaffected, and another one is coming to a dead end, where you have to merge into an adjacent lane.

Temporary warning signs

Temporary warning signs are used to warn drivers about the hazardous area that currently requires extra attention. These signs are mostly in yellow and black, could be orange and black, or even in a red triangle if there is caution ahead of the road.

Information signs

Information signs are used to inform people of the relevant information on their journey. These signs indicate right directions to help you know how far you are from your destination, which road or highway you are on, and also the name of the street you are seeking.

The rules of driving in Australia are different from other countries, that are strictly enforced within the country. At times, people get more excited and drive outrageously on roads during the time of festivals around the state. For this reason, traffic control companies Sydney come into action to prevent hazardous situations during celebrations of upcoming festivals, events, speeches, and more.

Other times, if you are organizing an event within the country and expecting a multitude of crowd, call in crowd control security companies. These companies will suggest sensible measures to monitor the crowd and help your attendees to be aware of parking zones, speed limits, and turning restrictions in the venue.

Road safety continues to be in spotlight for tragic reasons, and you cannot deny the importance of it for the safety of road users. Whether you are behind handlebars or a steering wheel, it’s essential to have an understanding of the road rules as well as road signs.

Road signs under the Australian road rules typically apply to all states. Irrespective of the nature of the event, these rules must be followed by passengers on the road.

In this post, we have highlighted the types of road signs clearly that must be obeyed to make your rides as safe as possible. Spend time looking over the road signs to understand them precisely as you will spend most of your time driving on the road. You will get used to these road signs and will be able to apply them while driving in the safest possible way.

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Stay safe!

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