In the present day, the rate of criminal incidents has been increasing considerably. The society we live in is not safe anymore, and security threats have become the daily business for some criminals. Therefore, security is one of the most important aspects that a person looks for in a workplace while joining a company. It is the responsibility of the company to provide a secure working environment for its employees.

Most companies are progressing towards integrating a proper security system that includes CCTV cameras and other security equipment to monitor the movement of people. Besides incorporating a security system, some companies are also using biometric scans or devices that ensure only employees enter or leave the office premises. Additionally, they also conduct security checks periodically to identify loopholes in the security system.

Regardless of how helpful an automated security system is, the best way to strengthen the security of your office premises is to hire a team of professional security guards. According to statistics, there are over a million security guards employed today, across the country. These guards are categorized into different fields as per the requirement, for instance, retail outlets hire unarmed guards while utility companies may rely on armed security guards. School adminstration, on the other hand, may prefer hiring private security guards, while corporate offices may require a virtual guard.

Every type of security need is different. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the right security personnel is assigned to the proper security job.

Security guard hire with Chief Group Services to hire the best of the class security guards for different premises and purposes. 

Here’s a rundown on the categories of common security guards that you may need to safeguard your business and personal requirement. Have a look:

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed security guards are a demonstration of a complete security strategy of any company. These security guards provide an onsite physical presence at a job site, property, or place of business. They can physically patrol a location, monitor electronic detection systems in that location, and respond to any threats effectively.

The positioning unarmed security guards offer benefits of deterrence, and quick reaction to threats as criminals know that security is in place and there will be a delay in the emergency service response.

Armed Guards

Contrasting to unarmed guards, armed security guards provide more stringent security to some locations. These guards provide the highest level of physical defense on a property, business, or work site. With additional training and certification, these guards can carry a lethal weapon on the job by performing all the responsibilities of their unarmed counterparts.

Most times, just the presence of an armed security guard on location can deter the most dangerous threats. For instance, if a situation moves beyond a simple disturbance and heads toward a violent encounter, the armed security guard is sufficed to manage.

Virtual Guards

In this modern time and age of high-tech security programs, virtual guards are playing an indispensable role in any security strategy. These guards work on an off-site system to provide a remote presence at your workplace.

A virtual guard can help you monitor high-definition cameras, electronic sensors, or any other type of electronic detection systems. These guards also perform virtual patrols using HD cameras to escort visitors and employees around the location. Besides this, they can activate alarms and make audio contact with an intruder in response to a threat.

Corporate Security Officers

Corporate security officers are the most preferred security solution for professional and corporate offices. These officers bring a sense of security with specialized training suited for the corporate or business world.

Corporate security should be a seamless part of your business or corporate venture in terms of both function and appearance. If you are unable to deal with ‘front of house’ issues, get a helping hand with corporate security companies who have highly trained officers to integrate security into the day-to-day operations of your business.

Warehouse Security Officers

Warehouse security officers are not as typical as other security guards, but understanding security related to a warehouse or storage security is necessary especially when there is a risk of theft or burglary. These officers have a specific set of skills to provide safety and security for your inventory.

Besides protecting warehouse premises, which is their primary responsibility, they also understand the people accessing the warehouse. These security officers are skilled in controlling and monitoring electronic detection systems to respond appropriately to alerts detected either in person or via the monitoring system.

Personal Security Guards

With growing threats and risks to personal safety and security, the need for employing personal security officers is increasing too. These officers are hired mainly to protect a person or a group of people against theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, criminal offences, or many possible threats. 

The primary responsibility of personal security guards is to protect important public figures, such as businessmen, industrialists, leaders, celebrities and vulnerable people needed to be protected against diversified threats risking their life.

Residential Security Authorisers

Residential security guards are often hired for patrolling private residential properties and areas, safeguarding illegal activities, including theft, loitering, trespassing, and vandalism. These security guards are authorized to detain individuals who violate the law on their property until government law enforcement officials arrive.

With increasing theft and trespassing around the residential neighborhood, these guards are capable of handling security from entry gates to helping with emergencies for the entire community. These security guards are trained, equipped, and certified to ensure that the people in the community feel completely safe.

Stationary Security Officers

Stationary security guards are the ones who keep a watch by staying at one place and monitor the entire area through video surveillance. These security guards undergo intensive training to inculcate the ability to handle all types of emergencies and contingencies efficiently.

With vast experience in their respective domains, these security guards keep track of spaces they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to cover. By this understanding, they are also meant to monitor lighting, heating, and cooling systems to ensure buildings and their occupants stay safe. Closed-circuit television cameras give these guards extra eyes to keep the property safe from uncertain threats.

With a wide category of guards to choose from, all you need is to assess your requirement varying from a stationary or patrol-based security officer or an armed guard for your respective business.

Whether you are handling a small business or large, it is important to keep your employees and customers safe and sound. Hiring corporate security companies not only protect your business but yields a feeling of security in your employees.

The presence of a security guard can scare off unforeseen activities. Security guards are readily available to act if a problem occurs. These security guards are beneficial to bring unforeseen situations under control and address the situation immediately.

Find a security guard that fits your requirements. A little effort can pay off in the long run and lead you to have a happy and safe environment at work.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about workplace security, its importance, and how can you go about creating a safe and secure workplace.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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