Crowd control is not only about making a crowd stand in a straight line while the people are waiting for a tour of the capital building.

It’s all about public safety.

Government officials work to plan for the unforeseen circumstances and provide a solution for the same. Consequently, crowd control security companies’ personnel are also working to safeguard people and government buildings, structures, and their premises.

However, in case, you are regulating a perimeter after a building fire, making arrangements for a parade route, or managing the crowd at the protest(s), you have to be little prepared for hundreds of different sudden situations that can be occurred at any government facility. In these situations, effective planning and management of the crowd can help you control large crowds and prevent crowd crushes, affray, and riots.

With this understanding, we are providing you some tips, guidelines, and resources to help you design an effective crowd control management plan for your town, city, or state government. Have a look –

Planning crowd control solutions for any time, anywhere

Government facilities, public spaces, and buildings are different from commercial spaces. Therefore, the crowd control management plan works differently in both areas. 

Management of the crowd doesn’t mean to direct people to cash registers or keep them out of stockrooms. Crowd management simply means to provide safety and security to the public in the most safely and efficiently possible way.

With proper public safety and crowd management plan in place, you can safeguard the people in or around the government facilities.

A crowd control management plan for government facilities is tricky. The plan requires different types of crowd control equipment to protect these government facilities.

Following are the government premises requiring different crowd control equipment:

  • Road barriers and road signs are laid down to keep public parks and throughways safe.
  • Post and rope stanchions, printed signs and sign frames, barriers and barricades indicate courthouses and government buildings.
  • Pedestrian barriers, jersey barriers, movable or retractable metal barriers are used for identifying disaster areas, where hurricanes, floods, wildfires, home, and buildings fires, etc. have been occurred.
  • Weather-friendly plastic posts & chains, signs, traffic barrels show that there will be national parks ahead of the road.
  • Traffic barrels and steel barricades indicate a highly secured zone for schools.
  • Traffic barrels and expandable metal barriers indicate a highly security area of government research facilities and warehouses.

Crowd Control Managers: Your go-to for crowd control

A crowd control manager is required to supervise crowd controllers to protect the government premises, no matter what type of government facility it would be.

Crowd control managers generally monitor, control, and design crowd control solutions at these government designated areas. These managers are capable of handling everyday public safety concerns and ready for emergencies.

In most jurisdictions, crowd control security companies are compelled to hire a team of security professionals that houses at least fifty crowd managers and can host more than fifty guests or spectators at the event in government facilities.

When it comes to hiring a crowd control manager, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Let’s understand what they are:

Have crowd managers met local, state, and federal training requirements?

Crowd control managers should meet the training and apprenticeship requirements governing by different states laws.

Speaking of crowd managers, a state’s website can help you to figure out your potential requirements you are looking for in a crowd manager.

Are these crowd managers certified?

Government professionals such as police officers, firefighters, and active duty military members are skilled in crowd control best practices and often don’t require additional training to become crowd managers. Other crowd managers, on the other hand, must have professional certifications, like from the ICC (the International Code Council).

Do these crowd managers have experience?

Crowd management requires years of study and real-life work experience that you can not learn overnight.

The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, where ‘people’ are being served with the utmost care and attention. In this manner, you cannot afford to hire a crowd control manager with no experience. This is where crowd control security companies Sydney teaming up with professionals to provide high alert security and crowd control emergency solutions to government facilities.

How to manage large crowds and plan for an expected and unexpected multitude of people?

Government facilities like state houses, national parks, and schools across the country are in need to be protected all time. Public safety professionals work diligently to execute and improve crowd control procedures for hordes of people in or around these areas.

Having said that, these government facilities need permanent crowd control solutions and emergency crowd management equipment to protect the government premises and people. Find out these solutions:

Permanent solutions

ADA compliant products can hold up to the wear and tear of repeated everyday use but require proper installation.

Movable Solutions

Products that are easy to set up, store and take down are preferable for movable solutions. These movable solutions are not used for everyday security purposes.

If you are planning to control the crowd at protests, rallies, and parades, you will need steel barricades. These steel barricades are the best option to opt for holding the multitude of the general public at such events.

Steel barricades are designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled at the moment as these steel barricades can be interlocked and come with their pushcart.

Use directions and signs to be discreet and clear

When people are visiting public spaces and government facilities, they should never be confused about where these government aisles are leading to.

People should be able to locate entrances, exits, restrooms and emergency services quickly.

Bring in clear and visible signs that can easily direct visitors and staff members with visual cues. This crowd management generally called as ‘soft crowd control.’ These crowd control measures are being into the practice of directing crowds without their knowledge; they are being directed ahead.

Crowd control signs for capital buildings and courthouses should be picked up in a way that does not conflict with the architecture of the building. Have a dekko –

  • Stanchion Posts & Rope Sign Frames can be your go-to for these types of government facilities. These posts and signs are visible and do not require to construct additional structures inside old buildings.
  • By painting directions on the ground or with large government signs, you can direct crowds in public parks, national parks, or throughways.
  • For disaster areas, you need to choose signs that are big and bright that are easily visible to the people passing through these areas.
  • Crowd control barriers that have stop signs or warning signs are the best option to give pedestrians a clear message that they should keep a distance from a particular area.

Physical Barriers for event fencing, road barriers, retractable belt barriers, classic stanchion posts, and more

Signs, at times, are just not enough to control crowds and to keep them where you want them to be.

Depending on the requirements, different types of physical crowd control barriers are out there to serve your purpose. Let’s see how:

  • Classy and classical stanchion posts and rope sign frames provide a sophisticated and professional feel at state capital buildings. These are likely to be used in movie premieres.
  • Retractable wall mounts, floor mounts, or movable posts are the best option for creating people queues. These mounts and posts are the types of barriers you see at airport security lines.
  • Interlocking steel barricades are used for setting up a parade route. These barricades can hold up to leaning, pushing and pedestrian traffic at this site.
  • Other crowd control measures like digital signs, sound barriers, text message alerts also come in use for controlling the hordes of people at different events, festivals, street dances, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Government crowd control rules and regulations are always on changing. Therefore, crowd control security companies Sydney also keep on updating their crowd control measures to safeguard people.

Crowd control management requires careful planning and precise execution. Improper or ineffective crowd management and control can result in tragic losses and injuries. Event organizers need to be aware of the risks caused at events and take the necessary steps to avoid those risks. The use of right crowd control barriers has been proven to be effective at many major special events. By choosing the right crowd control security companies, like Chief Group Services can help event planners to maximize their potential for hosting a safe and secure event.

Event managers can also put their step forward to focus on limiting their liability, preserving their financial stability, and securing the success of the event through security guards hire with Chief Group Services.

By reviewing venues, event managers can develop a better understanding of what both the public and government law expects from them in terms of protecting their guests. With effective planning, these event managers can achieve a safe event.

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