The outbreak of flu is very common in school and colleges. Often students who are less conscious about their hygiene cause the entire class and many teachers to pay the price of their carelessness.

In the same light, swine flu is increasingly spreading in town. The intensity of this disease is creating panic among students and staff members at schools across the country who are at high risk of infection.

If there is an outbreak at a school, there will be repercussions throughout the community. However, commercial cleaning services can help you get rid of germs with the help of professional cleaning sessions in the entire school.

The common cold and flu viruses are inevitable.

Influenza is a dangerous and highly contagious illness caused by the influenza virus. Every year about three to five million people get affected by this virus. With few symptoms, it can be mild. However, if these symptoms are not being taken seriously, it can result in death as well. The most common illness experienced by humans is cold that caused by two hundred viruses at least. This common cold, sometimes, results in a severe runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and sneezing.

Major effects of sickness

With the spread of cold and flu in schools, the danger to students and teachers’ health and well-being increases. While viruses of cold and flu are at their peak point, students and teachers are unable to attend the school. For this reason, absenteeism in schools increases, which in turn, affects students’ learning. Additionally, if teachers are on sick leaves, it will impact both the schedule of the school and education of students. In fact, a child’s sick day often results in parents’ missing a day of work too.

Prevent the spread of the flu in schools

Luckily, the dissemination of common cold and flu viruses is controllable. With proper hygiene and careful cleaning, practices can slow the development of these viruses in the environment. Schools that are unhygienic kept, cause ill effect to the health of students and teachers. According to a study, 58% of female and 48% of male in middle and high schools stop to wash their hands after their visit to the restroom. Educating students about the importance of hand washing is essential to prevent the common cold and flu viruses in schools.

Conducting professional cleaning of infected places that are frequently touched, or profoundly touched surfaces in the school should be followed to reduce flu viruses. These highly touched surfaces include doorknobs, desks, countertops, and the faucet handles that every student and teacher touch throughout the day. Cleaning companies Sydney play a significant role in keeping the premises germ free. 


Best practices for cleaning at school

Routine cleaning

Cleaning surfaces with eco-friendly disinfectants can prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses. By removing dirt and soil from the floor area, corners make sure that the whole school is free of germs.

A virus can live on a surface for up to 48 hours, and possibly infecting anyone who touches it and makes them sick. A professional cleaning company makes sure that all of your school’s interiors and exteriors are germ-free and save your students and teachers from the spread of flu in schools.

Decontaminate high touch areas every day

One of the most important parts of protecting students and teachers from flu in schools is sanitizing all places that are frequently touched by them throughout the day. Keyboards, faucets, phones, desks, countertops, and doorknobs are the most infected surfaces.

Besides these surfaces, cleansing of areas like cafeteria including – tables, trays, and chairs, and sports areas including – equipment, lockers, toilets, and showers. Take help of a professional cleaning service company to prevent a flu outbreak in the school.

Cleanse thoroughly

Standard cleaning products may not be as effective to kill germs, specifically viruses like influenza A. These conventional cleaning agents cannot be used for effective cleaning and disinfecting places of schools.

There are many eco-friendly cleaning agents in the market to clean and disinfect the surface (s). Most commercial cleaning companies prefer using these cleaning agents to ensure the place is safe and sound for students and teachers in schools.

Careful use of cleansing products

Carrying out the cleaning process by disinfecting the surfaces is the right way to sanitise the premises effectively. However, if cleaning products are not used correctly, these agents can be hazardous for the health people around. The use of the safety equipment, such as eye protection gear and gloves is necessary while using these products.

Mixing cleaners and disinfectants can be perilous, and can result in serious injury. Try not to leave these potentially dangerous chemicals in the hands of inexperienced workers, rather hire services of a professional cleaning company as they are trained to work with these chemicals day in and day out.

Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney can provide you professional cleaning services in schools.

When it comes to the safety of students and staff of your school, it’s necessary to put down a budget and weigh the cost of absenteeism versus the cost of a professional cleaning service.

How about school security guard services?

Schools that don’t dont carry out basic security procedures for the safety and security of their students and teachers, it raises negative questions in the mind of parents. This feeling can be intensified to a level when they feel uneasy to put their kids in a school that fails to provide basic safety.

It is important for schools to deploy security guard officers at each entry or exit point for the safety and security of students and staff in schools. We are not saying that there should be stringent security procedures but hiring and deploying a team of security guards from security services Sydney can be good enough to deter crime by scaring off criminals.

Some schools prefer hiring these guards for a twenty-four hour and seven days a week service while some take up security services during schools’ construction, or occasionally.


Importance of security guards for your school premises

Students and staff safety

A security team is not only for preventing crime from an external source, they can be extremely helpful in providing comfort to students who are constantly bullied by stronger student community. The administration also calls in security companies Queensland to protect the school from unforeseen activities.

The fact that there is a security team in the premises provides good comfort to the parents and guardians as well.

Sudents or staff escorts

Besides providing security to students and staff member inside the school premises, security guards also serve as good escorts in providing comfort to them outside and around the school. To be more clear, these guards can escort students and teachers to reach their buses and cars, in case they are not feeling safe. In extreme situations, these guards can even drive students and teachers home.

Today, the school management also offers school security mobile patrol wherein the mobile patrol officer can drive the student or staff home with care.

Foot patrols

The school can employ services of security guards for patrolling school grounds and protecting, safeguarding the school environment if the school is experiencing unruly behaviour from a particular group of students.

These security guards are experienced and possibly engage unruly students in a positive discussion to maintain sanity in the school.

Anti-bullying watch

If your students bullying each other or maybe bullying teachers or staff members, imposing school anti-bullying policy and procedure may restrict these activities.

School administration that has been able to come up with a solution to deter such activities can always take assistance from their security team to confront the bullying activities in or around the school.

First aid response

When there is an emergency, security guards come for first aid services as they are trained and certified aid officers in applying first aid in an emergency. While hiring a security guard, you are not only hiring them for security but for aiding in emergencies too.

In case of emergency in a school, you can first call the security guard to assist you with first aid before Paramedics arrive.

Monitor school risk management

A school is a vulnerable place that demands regular risk management sessions, no matter how many precautionary measures you have taken for your school. A proactive team of security guards can help you conduct school risk management and assessment.

By employing good security services, you can alleviate these risks in schools to keep your students and staff, and school assets safe.

Crowd control security companies serve as the backbone of event organizers as they adhere to prevent aberrant activities in an event and make it successful. With effective planning, devices, and communication, these companies can make your experience more enjoyable for your visitors.

Chief Group Services is a trusted and reliable company offering a suite of essential services like security, cleaning, general maintenance, and traffic control services can meet the needs of a wide range of corporate and Government clients.

We provide licensed security guards for high school, primary schools, child care, kindergarten, and even for universities to keep students and staff members safe and sound in or around schools.

In conjunction with our clients’ needs and requirements, we also design the security system that should be followed in schools. Having said that, we develop customized solutions for nurturing beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients. Our modern approach is to analyse risk-based factors, rigorous quality standards for our workers, and select matching security guard officials to make sure that the right people are positioned with the right clients.

Our highly responsive and committed management team helps our clients to keep their environment safe and sound for their both human resources and valuable assets. We alter our way to provide services like commercial cleaning for both office and home premises; corporate and construction security to protect your construction site, workers and machinery; and traffic control to provide traffic control solutions in the best possible way.

Maintaining security in a school environment can be very challenging, which can only be carried out under the expert supervision of trained security guards who make sure that the safety of your students and teachers in the school premises is not compromised under any circumstance.

We provide superior-quality and advanced service solutions. These solutions are based on a deep level of understanding of our clients’ requirements with the help of highly qualified operatives and exceptional standards of safety performance.

Get in touch with us, when it comes to celebrating any event, whether it is a trade show, sports meet or a music fest. We have an expert team to make sure that your event runs smoothly and securely, without any hassle.

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