According to a study, over 523,000 cases of theft from buildings were recorded in 2017, and more than 4 million cases of theft. Consequently, security became a major concern following such events. 

If we look at the stats, about 8.4 billion devices are connected to the internet of things these days. Also, 3.1 million among those devices are used in the business industry that is dominated by smart meters and security surveillance. Moreover, approximately 12.86 billion devices include lighting, air conditioning, heating, and security systems by 2020.

If you are planning an event in your home or office premises, consider hiring security guards for your event for a reliable and effective way to minimize risks, and also to keep your events and conferences safe and secure against theft.

In this post, we will be discussing how advanced security services help in reducing the risks at events. Have a look:

Assessing the risks

Each event has its requirements, no matter what the magnitude of the event is. Evaluating the risks before organizing an event is one of the main factors to be concerned that affects other risk factors too. Avoid starting your preparations without a thorough examination of the risks involved. 

Outlining a brief risk assessment and highlighting the main concerns can help your security services company to make arrangements for the event. For instance: drawing attention to the most valuable items that can be easily stolen should under the cover for security agents.

Using surveillance to spot theft

Surveillance is the final measure exercised by security companies to deter potential thieves. While installing cameras to record the criminal activities, you can stop the crime from occurring in the first place.

In addition, the utility of security cameras increases when they are combined with the other devices, such as TV displays to show the live CCTV feed or a speaker system to be used as an intercom if there is any suspicious behavior. Surveillance can significantly reduce the risk of crime taking place if it is used intelligently.

Setting up alarms

Different types of signals are used at large events, such as intruder alarms and sensor alarms to inform a theft. The most basic ones are called intruder alarms that include bells-only to produce a noise. These alarms are cheaper and more suitable for small events. A sensor or monitored alarm, on the other hand, is appropriate for a large event. 

Security services Queensland use these alarms to automate alerts directly from the event venue. These alarms can also be combined with the speakers and TV displays to warn people not to be in the immediate vicinity of danger and to keep them safe. 

Building an identification system

To make sure your events are safe and secure for yourself and the guests, your security guards will start by allowing people who are in the guest list or have an invitation. This can easily be simplified by implementing an identification system with the help of the security company you hire. This identification system should ideally be automated or run by the agent of security services. 

Moreover, these security identification systems should easily be connected to a database, including an ID scanner. The system will be more reliable and quick way of keeping out any unwanted guests in the event. 

One of the most challenging crimes to prevent is theft as it is difficult to secure everything completely. However, using preventive measures that can make the security job easier, can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


How technology impacts on the events?

Internet of Things

Today, the internet of things influence events in several significant areas.

A catering business, for example, gets benefits from sensors to track food safety, preparation and monitor the delivery in real-time. Also, catering businesses can cater to any event where the staff is automatically notified when their refrigerators, coffee machines are low on stock. Also, they get updates on replenishments on the same. 

If we relate this catering business to the Internet of Things, data loggers can track the journey from production to consumption and prevent the risk of threats or attempts to harm attendees. 

With the internet of things, the supply chain can also link with real-time stats on attendees at related events, and record preferences to estimate the amount of food, and cross-reference with other factors like season, weather, and holidays.

Social media monitoring

The event industry calls for people to socialize with one another to build connections, finalize deals and partner with other businesses. 

However, channelizing with people have changed in modernized ways. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become the perfect medium for people to socialize to keep themselves updated for the events they are following.  

In some cases, business pages on social media receive threats which the admin team fails to check in the comment section. Therefore, it’s beneficial to implement a social media strategy to get a flow of hidden agendas from potential threats.

With social media monitoring, security personnel provides enormous potential to event managers, for events demand an open mind and commitment to meet each aspect of the plan. 

A strong security team that you can hire from national security guard providers who can help you manage your event. These security professionals are better equipped with the latest physical security and technology. With both physical security and modern technology, you can carry out your event effectively. 

How to select a security professional for an event?

Security planning is the primary task for any event that requires elite skills and experience. 

If you are considering hiring security guards, make sure to review their skills and experience carefully. 

Consider the following areas while choosing security guards for your event:


Safety and convenience are the two sides of a coin, thereby balancing them in time is a critical task. Only experienced security guards can achieve this balance when they need to justify particular security measures and application of these measures to protect the people at events. 

Balancing threat levels is the first measure that you should look for while finding security guards for your event. It is always good to have a thorough check on the backgrounds of these security guards who may lead your security team at the event.


Training sessions should be held for all security guards that can help them get a grip of the latest security measures followed in the security services industry. Choose your security professionals wisely, who can fulfil all your security needs, including security planning, organizing and executing.

Security training sessions should be a part of operational procedures, first-aid, fire prevention, legal guidelines, confrontation management, emergency preparation, and self-defence exercise, and so on.

Final thoughts

For any event to be a success, you’ll need to hire security professionals from national security guard providers to ensure effective measures to safeguard the event attendees and management staff, without any hassle. 

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