Follow these set of rules to prevent workplace violence

Workplace violence has become a scary reality of the 21st century. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that violence comes in as the fourth main cause of fatal injuries in a workplace. That’s why workplace violence turns out to be a chief security...

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How do security services help mitigate risks at events?

According to a study, over 523,000 cases of theft from buildings were recorded in 2017, and more than 4 million cases of theft. Consequently, security became a major concern following such events.  If we look at the stats, about 8.4 billion devices are connected to...

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Deploying crowd controllers help protecting public spaces

Crowd control is not only about making a crowd stand in a straight line while the people are waiting for a tour of the capital building.It’s all about public safety.Government officials work to plan for the unforeseen circumstances and provide a solution for the same....

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Guards that protect us from injuries at workplace

In the present day, the rate of criminal incidents has been increasing considerably. The society we live in is not safe anymore, and security threats have become the daily business for some criminals. Therefore, security is one of the most important aspects that a...

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How road signs help in streamlining the traffic

Road signs bring order on our roads. These signs provide the optimum direction and also bring about safety to cause minimum delay. Without these road signs, chaos would rule the roads, and our daily drive would be dangerous.Installing road signs along the roadside...

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Common Security Vulnerabilities in Shopping Malls

Security guards hire with Chief Group Services: People often visit shopping malls in large groups for watching movies, playing games, shopping and for other entertainment activities. The nature of these shopping malls makes them more susceptible to certain security...

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Upgrade security on your construction site

The construction and security are two activities that go hand in hand during a construction project.Unprotected sites are at higher risk of theft of raw materials, and other resources like copper wires & pipes that can be torn out of walls. When you have valuable...

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How to leverage security to bar & night clubs?

Security guard hire with Chief Group Services: We are working closely with bar and night club locations across the city to help club owners protect their all guests from unforeseen incidents. Hiring a professional security team can be a lengthy procedure, keeping in...

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Effective tips for a safe and secure crowd management

The thought of managing a massive crowd in a big public event can be exhausting, leave alone the process of actually managing it. Handling the crowd becomes even more challenging if alcohol will be served too. Public gatherings like music festivals, stadium concerts,...

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Your essential guide to safety of people at concerts

The concert season is the most trending during the summers! Whether you are organizing a concert in an indoor or an outdoor area, be it a stadium or a park, an arena or an amphitheater, safety and security of the people should be at the top of your mind. For security...

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Components that contribute to a Crowd Control strategy

Crowd control is a rich concept that involves everything from controlling crowds at a small community centre to the large stadium. At either end of the spectrum, crowd control security companies come into action to ensure a healthy and safe environment for larger...

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A perfect way to draw the security plan for your wedding

Planning for your wedding can be both exciting and exhausting. To make this day the most memorable one, you probably want to make sure that everything falls right in place. Putting together a flawless event with a stunning decoration and delicious food requires a lot...

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Is hiring a commercial cleaning company an option?

The obvious answer for this question is as straight is if you should wash your hair with shampoo or soap or use a mirror when get ready every day in the morning. All of us can do without having personal space for ourselves but we still yearn for it. Business owners...

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Tips to cultivate a safer environment on a construction

Construction sites are a common view during the summer season. While driving through the city, you will come across at least one location where construction is in progress. As a manager or the owner of a construction site, you must recognise a one from a distance. The...

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Hiring commercial cleaning services for restaurants

A good restaurant is often recognized by the quality of food it serves, the comfort it provides to the customer and the cleanliness it maintains. There is no point of serving good food if it makes your customers fall sick because of the bacteria and germs that spread...

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Best practices for a secure and cleaner construction site

Safety and security are the two most important factors of carrying out the construction of a premises, whether you get on with a renovation project or build from the ground up. It is the moral responsibility of the building agency or the owner to make sure that the...

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All you need to know about Chief Group Services

Security Guard Hire with Chief Group Services: We, as customers, always want to go for service companies that are best in their field. The pick of the bunch is always the one that you can rely upon.Going for the right security company that is extremely reliable can be...

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Safety tips for music concerts

With summer around the corner, you will see a lot of people gearing up for some exuberant outdoor activities. In the past few years, music concerts have received an overwhelming response from majority of people in Australia. People love the outdoor music concerts that...

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Fostering healthy workplace conditions for employees

Employees are the most essential part of an organisation. Cultivating a healthy environment for them is the responsibility of every employer, not only to make them happy but also for the growth of the company. The productivity and efficiency of every employee is...

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Minimalizing public inconvenience around construction sites

Security Guard Hire with Chief Group Services: A major concern for all construction sites is managing the traffic that is impacted by the heavy equipment on the roads, including forklifts, cranes and heavy goods vehicle carrying raw material. In this time, it is...

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Can you really benefit by maintaining your office premises?

Living in hygienic conditions are amongst the basic necessities of life. People with good hygiene are always looked up to, for not just being content with themselves but also by making it easier for people to be around them. People with good hygiene are always graded...

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Safety measures that lead to a successful event

If you are an event management company, you obviously understand the pain of organising and managing an event. The toughest part is taking charge of the safety and security of the attendees and the crowd. Underestimating the security of an event can be very dangerous...

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Security essentials for your next event

We all understand how difficult it can be to manage the security of an event, especially if it involves a large facility filled with massive crowd. Security guards from all around the world will know that managing an event is much more tricky than any other event,...

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Approaching a green process of cleaning your premises

There are many cleaning agencies in the market that provide services to clean your premises to make it absolutely spick and span, but there are very few that go the greener way to do it. There is no second thought that cleaning that takes places through environmental...

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Staying safe during sports events

A thousand people plan their weekends based on popular game and sporting events that happen within their cities, especially to support their favourite team. Besides having a lot of fun at these events, it is also important that you take necessary steps to be safe....

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Staying safe in your office premises

Providing a sense of security to the employees and clients is the basic responsibility of all businesses, whether big or small. A safe office environment helps employees in approaching their work more efficiently and clients in taking great pride by being associated...

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Christmas Safety & Security: The Full Picture

The biggest and the most celebrated festive season is around the corner, lifting the spirits of everyone to brace themselves for some mind-blowing parties. Considering these parties are hosted for one of the most significant festival of the year, people take weeks and...

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Security Guards Taking Charge on Construction Sites

A construction site demands exceptional vigilance in terms of protecting the property against all odds, whether criminal or natural. Petty thefts and robbery are common crimes that happen on a construction but natural threats including fire and water pipe bursting are...

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Benefits of Using Commercial Cleaning Services

The concept of creating a healthy and efficient work environment has been followed by most business owners for decades now. Some businesses on the other hand, lay great emphasis only on the operational work, giving very little importance of a clean work place. As a...

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Organising the Security of A Large Scale Celebrity Event

Managing the security of a large scale event that also involves celebrities and media coverage requires vigilance at various levels, due massive crowd across the venue. The large audience mostly includes a large fan following and supporters of the celebrity. In some...

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All About Hiring Security Guards

The first thought that strikes our mind when we think of security guards is strong persons armed with weapons. However, there is a lot more that that security guards offer other than just protecting terrorism from taking place.Let’s find out: What Are Their Roles...

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