Security Services in Victoria

At Chief Group Services, we aim at providing new edge security solutions to the alarming situations in Victoria, giving more reasons for our customers to always come back.

We have opened gates for providing tailored services to serve a large base of clients according to their unique needs. Our security service professionals are adaptable and diligently work towards diverse work roles to meet the needs of our clients.

Security Services Victoria

Our Services

Our team is committed to serving first-class security to people, property, and other valuable assets. These professionals are trained and highly capable of undergoing real-life challenges and offer a safe environment to our clients.

Our services include:

1. Corporate Security Guards

Chief Group Services provides 24/7 assistance to corporates to make sure their employees and premises are secure round the clock. Our team aims at promoting a safe and healthy working environment in and around the corporate premises.

2. Crowd Controllers

When it comes to safeguarding the world at large during festivals and events, our crowd controllers maintain a watchful eye on a multitude of people, and their behaviour. These officers can effectively communicate the risks involved during events and firmly evict the people without causing trouble

3. Covert Security
Our operatives are highly skilled in identifying offenders, monitoring obtrusive movements, and gathering evidence for potential prosecutions. These professionals can help in making a non-threatening and healthy environment to the public.

Industries we cater to -

With more than fifty years of collective experience, we are more that equipped in serving numerous industries across Victoria. To name a few, these are:

1. Corporate structures
2. Housing establishments
3. Government facilities
4. Conveyance services
5. Building fixtures cumulative
6. Healthcare amenities

Security Companies Victoria

Reasons to choose the best security companies in Victoria?

Chief Group Services commenced operations in 2016 and has been successful in delivering exceptional security solutions to an extensive list of clients. We are amongst the leading security companies that provide a high sense of security to human resources and assets.

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Locations & Licenses

NSW Head office: 124 Forest Road Hurstville NSW 2220

NSW Master Licence: 000103646

QLD Firm Licence: 4082581

ACT Master Licence: 17502554

SA Agents Licence: ISL 291105

VIC Business Licence: 95452610s

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