Here at Chief Group Services, we tailor our services specifically to your unique needs. Our people are bright and adaptable and genuinely enjoy working for us due to the diverse work roles and career prospects that we offer them.

There are many reasons why our clients choose Chief Group Services for all their security requirements, and foremost amongst them are:

• Our strong service culture
• Our committed and experienced management team
• Our trained and highly capable staff
• Our core business philosophies and guiding principles
• Our state of the art technology

We operate nationally and focus on three main types of service provision:

• Corporate and Static Guards
• Crowd Control
• Covert Security Operations

Static security companies

Static Guards


When your people and property need to be protected, Chief Group Services are on the job round the clock. Each of our security officers is impeccably presented in a smart uniform so they portray a professional image for your company. Our people are extensively trained not just in all aspects of security and surveillance disciplines but also in public relations and effective communication.

We provide services for a wide range of clients including:

• Government and Institutional facilities
• Railways and transport hubs
• Corporates and large organisations
• Construction sites
• Hospitals and Health Centres
• Shopping Centres and retail stores
• Sporting complexes

Corporate guarding services, Static guarding, Asset protection, Visitor screening, Reception duties, Bag checks, Retail security, Site access control, Compliance duties, Fire warden, Close personal protection, Safety officer, First aid, Ticket collection , Concierge roles.

Coverts Security Operations


There is an increasing demand in Australia for plain-clothes (covert) operatives who are able to identify offenders, monitor movements and gather evidence for potential prosecutions.

Our covert team are trained to naturally blend in to the environment in which they are working. They are qualified professionals who can operate in a number of roles including posing as general shoppers to keep a watchful eye on what is happening in store. They act in a manner that is non-threatening and inconspicuous to the general public.

Working with you, we develop a customised plan and duty schedule so we can protect you from harm and your property from theft. We can offer a full risk assessment on your business and advise accordingly.Our covert operatives are highly trained professionals who are unobtrusive, polite, and efficient, and who always adhere to all Security Licensing laws.

Corporate security companies

We thoroughly vet our covert officers and ensure they are comprehensively trained in static guarding, observation and loss prevention procedures, and fully understand how to exercise their duty of care.

Loss prevention, Personnel surveillance, Mystery guest, Staff integrity audits, Shopping centres, Retail stores, Government institutions, Corporate facilities, Industrial sites.

Construction security companies

Crowd Control

Whether it’s ensuring your licenced premises stay safe for all of your patrons or keeping a watchful eye on crowd behaviour at a large event, our Crowd Control team interacts with you to manage the inevitable risks associated with large groups of people in venues where alcohol is often a factor.

We know that crowd and individual behaviour can change an event in just a few minutes. We focus on prevention through planning, and in the event of a disturbance, our highly trained staff can handle inappropriate behaviour, unruly guests and rushing crowds. We enforce rules and regulations politely but firmly and our team are skilled at the calm and unobtrusive eviction of people who are out to cause trouble.

We don’t just provide you with people. Our experienced crowd control teams become a vital part of your business.

Hotels and pubs, Nightclubs, Sports clubs, Outdoor events, Admission control, Crowd management, Roving patrols, Access control, Meet and greet, Safety inspections, Bag checks.

Security services still boar an impression in the minds of people for services that can only be hired for government officials and high stature personnel. Security, however, has evolved over a period of time. In the present times, security services are being used in many sectors and industries to foster a safe and secure environment for human resources and assets. Chief Group Services is a truly reliable security company that offers a variety of services to a wide range of clients.

The most common and demanded category of security services for the protection of both people and assets is static security guards. Our guards are especially hired for constantly supervising a particular area to encourage a safe and secure environment. To maintain a perfectly safe environment, our guards are rigorously trained to face real life challenges for both mental and physical encounters. Chief Group Services is amongst leading Static Security Companies that offers services to government premises, construction sites, wellness centres, shopping and sporting complexes and many more.

Our security services also extend to corporate premises and events to provide security to human resources and assets while they are at work. Giving a sense of security to your clients and employees positively affects the way people work with you and that is what we are best at doing. Our clients truly believe in our services and that’s makes us one of the most prominent Corporate Security Company.

Besides providing security to corporate and civilians, we also expertise in providing security at construction sites by deploying one of our best security guards that offer security to workers, pricey machinery and premises. Hire Chief Security Services that is amongst the most dependable Construction Security Companies that will help you focus on your core business.

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