Chief Group Services can meet any traffic management requirements you may have and we’re on the job 24/7. Our staff are fully accredited Traffic Controllers and Traffic Management professionals and have significant field experience. We work closely with you, from start to finish to deliver a safe and efficient traffic solution that is adapted to your specific site. Our services cover the full scope of traffic control including:

Traffic control companies Sydney

Traffic Controller (Blue card)

Our trained team of traffic controllers manage traffic flows through the use of a stop/slow batons, ensuring that works in the area can progress smoothly and traffic is directed appropriately with minimum delays to commuters and maximum safety to workers.

Apply Traffic Control Plans (Yellow card)

Our yellow card team have the skills and knowledge required to implement traffic management plans at a work site, including laying out cones, barricades, hats, bollards and other traffic management devices. They competently set up and close down traffic control devices in compliance with OHS and legislative requirements.


Select / Modify Traffic Control Plans (Red card)

Our red card team can assist you if you need help selecting or making modifications to an existing traffic control plan. They can conduct a risk review for your Plan and undertake routine daily and weekly inspections of your worksite to ensure you maintain compliance.

Design and Inspect Traffic Control Plans (Orange card)

Our orange card team are experienced at the design of new traffic control plans for roadworks, major upgrades to existing standard plans and the inspection of traffic control plans on any road construction site. They fully understand the requirements of a Traffic Management Plan and will design a Plan that complies with all OHS and legislative requirements, including arranging any required Council permits and approvals.

Stop/Slow, Lane closures, Traffic Management Plans, Safety focused, Road users, Pedestrians, Workers.

Chief Group Services offers Traffic Control Services in Sydney through a team of professional traffic controllers that are dedicated to provide you with expert traffic management system that includes handling the stream of traffic, preparing a plan for traffic management and making modifications to the existing plan. Our professional traffic controllers make use of batons to indicate passenger when to stop and when to slow down while there is work in progress for the area they are hired for. This ensures that the traffic of the area is not affected and there are minimum delays possible while people are on the roads. Additionally, hiring traffic controllers for “work in progress” location makes sure that the travellers, both in the vehicle and pedestrians make a safe and secure journey.

Our extensive list of clients is a proof that we are one of the most reliable Traffic Control Companies in Sydney to have hundreds of qualified expert traffic controllers that take full charge of traffic conditions. Besides providing real time traffic controllers, our team is skilled for making flawless traffic plans for streamlining traffic during road work and also at improvising plans that have already been designed. We also play an instrumental role in deploying traffic plans and putting them into actions by spreading cones and barricades, bollards and more traffic management device while construction on the roads is taking place.

To hire one of the safest Traffic Control Agencies in Sydney, get in touch with Chief Group Services for seamlessly managing the traffic condition, anytime anywhere.

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